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Dade Decorative Concrete has been offering stamped concrete services in the Hialeah area for many years.

The team of experienced concrete contractors takes pride in building beautiful, durable, and eye-catching stamped concrete patios, walkways, driveways, and sidewalks for our clients.

If you have a concrete project that requires skilled and reliable contractors, choose no other than Dade Decorative Concrete. Contact us at (786) 901-7965 today to get started!

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Hialeah's Stamped Concrete Professionals

As Hialeah's most trusted decorative concrete contractors, Dade Decorative Concrete proudly services our customers' needs from start to finish with only the best materials and workmanship. We provide homeowners and contractors with the ultimate outdoor living spaces including pool decks, patios, driveways, walkways, and more.

We keep up with Hialeah’s decorative concrete demands to ensure your project is done right, within budget, and on time. We make sure that our work withstands Florida's unforgiving climate and remains beautiful for years to come. With decades of experience, Dade Decorative Concrete can transform your outdoor space into a functional, comfortable, and appealing area that is all your own.

Speak with our contractors today to discuss your needs and requirements. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your next project.

Our Most Common Hialeah Decorative Concrete Services:

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Concrete Driveway Contractors Hialeah

Stamped Concrete Driveways

When looking for a material for your driveway, consider staining or stamping concrete. A stamped concrete driveway is a very appealing way to make your home look a little nicer, and it can help raise your home's value. It's much easier to maintain than a traditional asphalt driveway, but it will still look just as great.

Our experts at Dade Decorative Concrete will give you all the information you need, and they'll walk you through the entire process of installing a stamped concrete driveway. We'll help you decide the size and style of your driveway so that it matches the overall look of your property.

Get in touch with us today to find out how our team can install a new stamped concrete driveway for you.

stamped concrete driveway in Hialeah FL designed by Dade Decorative Concrete
A wide, freshly cleaned driveway in front of a suburban house in Miami, FL. The driveway, expertly crafted by a decorative concrete contractor, is bordered by brick and has a well-maintained grassy area on the left. Along the right side, bushes are covered with plastic tarps.

Stained Concrete Driveways

Another way to aesthetically enhance your concrete driveway is by staining it. The process involves coloring the surface with a product that absorbs into the concrete and gives it the look of stained concrete. The stain adds both depth and character to the driveway, as well as protection from acid rain, sun damage, and other harsh conditions.

If you choose to have your concrete driveway stained by Dade Decorative Concrete, you can guarantee that it will be done with the highest quality products available. Plus, we'll make sure that your driveway is designed under Florida building codes.

If you're ready to give your concrete driveway a new look, give Dade Decorative Concrete a call today!

Concrete Slab Driveways

Laying concrete slabs for your driveway is a great way to personalize your home while making it more functional and appealing at the same time. But it can be challenging to do it yourself. That's why you should consider hiring an experienced concrete contractor to do the job for you. If your concrete project is in Hialeah, FL, Dade Decorative Concrete has got you covered!

For years, our team has built up a reputation for excellence in the Hialeah, FL area by delivering solid concrete projects to our customers. We use high-quality materials and construction methods to guarantee that your project will be durable, attractive, and long-lasting.

Learn more about our concrete services by browsing our website, and fill out the contact form if you're ready to get started on your project.

Dade Decorative Concrete pro leveling this Hialeah FL driveway surface with horsehair brooms
Modern single-story house with a sleek design, featuring large windows and a spacious three-car garage. The house has a prominent sloped roof and a wide, textured concrete driveway crafted by skilled Concrete Contractors. There are trees and greenery in the front yard, enhancing the contemporary look.

Exposed Aggregate Driveways

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to concrete without sacrificing quality, exposed aggregate is the way to go.

An exposed aggregate driveway is a unique way to add character to your home and give it a certain flair. It's perfect for those who don't want to spend as much on their driveway and want to create a more cost-effective way of adding value to their home.

Dade Decorative Concrete will turn your vision into a reality by providing you with the highest quality exposed aggregate that money can buy. We'll work closely with you to make sure your driveway complements your home. We'll provide you with the best value for your money and a guarantee that allows you to rest assured knowing your driveway is of the highest quality.

Contact us today to get started!

Concrete and Artificial Grass Driveways

Concrete and artificial grass—what a combination for a durable and aesthetically pleasing driveway! Such driveways come at a high cost, but they can have certain advantages that shouldn't be overlooked. That includes lower maintenance requirements, resistance to weathering and possible color fading, the ability to be stained or treated with coatings, as well as a possible longer lifespan.

Our decorative concrete contractors have worked on driveways such as these before, so they can be trusted to get the job done right and provide you with peace of mind. We use tried and true techniques to maintain the same high-quality results that our customers enjoy.

Call us to meet with one of our decorative concrete contractors and learn more about our competitive rates and flexible scheduling options. (786) 901-7965 

artificial grass installed between paved concrete driveway in Hialeah FL

Concrete Resurfacing Hialeah

contractors from Dade Decorative Concrete resurfacing a driveway in a residential property in Hialeah FL

Driveway Resurfacing

Do you want to improve your driveway's curb appeal? Dade Decorative Concrete has the best and most economical driveway resurfacing services in town.

Whether you want to switch to stamped concrete or your existing concrete driveway is cracked, we can easily repair it and make it look brand new.

From consultations to installations, our team will handle all the details for you while taking into account your needs and personal preferences.

If you're ready to spruce up your driveway, don't hesitate to give us a call and request a free estimate!

Pool Deck Resurfacing

At Dade Decorative Concrete, we offer pool deck resurfacing service in Hialeah and the neighboring areas. We have years of experience working with homeowners and pool owners, which makes us an excellent choice for anyone looking to bring a new look to their pool deck.

We offer various concrete pool deck finishes ranging from stamped concrete to kool decking. Our products are durable and produce long-lasting colors that won't fade, crack, or show signs of wear and tear after long-term exposure to the harsh Miami environment.

Contact us today for a free service quote.

A construction worker employed by concrete contractors in Hialeah, FL, uses a long-handled tool to smooth freshly poured concrete on a walkway. The scene unfolds outdoors under bright sunlight, with shadows cast on the damp cement. Wood forms outline the area, and other construction materials are visible.
Stamped concrete path in Hialeah that's just been resurfaced

Walkway Resurfacing

Do you have a worn concrete walkway? Don't fret! Dade Decorative Concrete offers resurfacing solutions for your damaged walkway.

To bring new life to your walkway, our concrete contractors will perform the necessary restoration, repair, and paving required to bring your hard surface back to pristine condition.

We utilize state-of-the-art materials and equipment and cutting-edge paving techniques to ensure that we accomplish this task quickly and efficiently.

Get a free quote today so we can start making your walkway look as good as new right away!

Patio Resurfacing

Does your patio need TLC but you don't have time to do it? Dade Decorative Concrete is here to make it look brand new again. Our team has extensive years of experience resurfacing or repairing almost any patio surface and it is always one of our highest priorities.

We'll discuss with you your needs and preferences to make sure that you get the patio of your dreams. We'll start working on your patio as soon as we agree on the resurfacing solution that meets your specifications and lets you enjoy your patio with the utmost confidence.

Contact us today to find out more about our patio resurfacing service in Hialeah FL. (786) 901-7965 

A construction worker smooths the surface of freshly poured decorative concrete with a long-handled wide brush. The concrete, bordered by a brick and gravel section on one side and a concrete structure on the other, is part of a project by Concrete Contractors in Hialeah, FL. The scene unfolds outdoors on a sunny day.
stamped concrete patio installed by Dade Decorative Concrete

We Provide Top-Quality Decorative Concrete Services in the Following Cities:

Concrete Patio Contractors Hialeah

Stamped Concrete Patio

Do you want to have a textured or imprinted concrete patio? With the help of Dade Decorative Concrete, you can!

Our team creates beautiful textures that are not only decorative but also functional and affordable. So, when you choose us as your decorative concrete contractor, we'll design and install a unique stamped concrete patio that's compatible with your home and your style.

We'll be with you every step of the way, from choosing the materials to measuring for your project to turning the dreams of your home into a reality.

Contact us today so we can discuss the stamped concrete cost.

this stamped concrete patio in Hialeah is installed by the Dade Decorative Concrete experts
A neatly designed outdoor pathway made of reddish-orange tiles with light gray borders curves through a green grass lawn in Miami, FL. The pathway, crafted by expert concrete contractors, divides into two directions, creating a visually appealing geometric pattern. The grass is vibrant and well-maintained.

Stained Concrete Patio

One of the simplest ways to upgrade your indoor and outdoor spaces with gorgeous new floors is with stained concrete. Your floors can be restored to top-shape condition by repairing concrete damage, replacing worn-out floor coverings, and staining them.

At Dade Decorative Concrete, you can choose from a variety of colors available to stain your concrete floor. We can also guide you during the selection process on the types of finishing materials and color options that best suit your tastes.

Contact us today to get your free quote.

Pool Deck Contractors Hialeah

Stamped Concrete Pool Decks

Do you want to have a pool deck surface that's beautiful, durable, and low maintenance? Stamped concrete is the way to go!

At Dade Decorative Concrete, we have a wide range of concrete stamps and colors for pool decks, so you can customize your concrete surface to create the look you want.

Our installation team is friendly and highly skilled, and they will take great care to protect your landscaping during the concrete project. We'll work hand in hand to make sure you'll love your new concrete pool deck.

Contact us today, and let us turn your dream pool deck into a reality.

this Hialeah FL residential pool is shining in this aesthetically pleasing and durable stamped concrete deck
A serene poolside scene with blue water rippling under sunlight. A wooden planter box near the edge of the pool houses a tall green plant, casting a distinct shadow on the decorative concrete ground laid by skilled concrete contractors in Hialeah, FL.

Kool Decking

One of the best pool deck surfaces available in the market today is kool decking. Its deck surface is one of the main features that make it more than worth investing in. It has an unbreakable composition that makes it resistant to humidity and acid stains. It's not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe for people to tread upon.

If you're considering kool decking as your pool deck surface, then you're making the right choice. Dade Decorative offers kool decking with an unmatched level of beauty and durability that you can find anywhere else.

So, contact us today to get started on the installation right away! (786) 901-7965 

Concrete Slab Pouring

Do you need help pouring an entire slab? You've come to the right place. At Dade Decorative Concrete, we follow a step-by-step procedure to ensure that you're left with a sturdy and professional-looking concrete surface.

We create our wet concrete mixture to make sure that every ingredient you need is added in the proper proportions. We use all of the right tools and equipment to complete the job with your best interest in mind.

Let's discuss your concrete slab needs, and our team will design a solution to meet them. Call us now!

with the use of a specialized machine, the Dade Decorative Concrete pros are pouring concrete mix into the frame
Concrete drainage channel under construction, running along a gravel path with exposed rocky earth on the side. Orange guide markers are seen in the background, indicating the alignment and depth. Concrete Contractors Miami offer expertise and precision for such projects, ensuring quality results.

Concrete Sidewalks

Sidewalks are among the structures with high foot traffic. That's why they're usually built with concrete to withstand the traffic load. If you're thinking of installing a sidewalk in your neighborhood, you should consider concrete as durable, long-lasting material.

Dade Decorative Concrete offers sturdy solutions to your sidewalk construction needs. We use specialized concrete mixers to ensure that our concrete is of the highest quality. And we'll do our best to be flexible with you to obtain the specifications and design that you need.

Contact our team today to get a free service quote!

Concrete Repair Hialeah

Whether you need help fixing a slab, a driveway, or a pool deck, Dade Decorative Concrete is the concrete contractor to trust!

We have years of experience repairing concrete, and we never cease to amaze our customers! We have received plenty of great feedback from past customers and we strive to exceed their expectations every single time!

If you need concrete repair or have any questions, feel free to contact your repair experts at any time of the day.

local contractor patching some holes of a sidewalk in Hialeah

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Hialeah is a city in Miami-Dade County, Florida. With a population of 223,109 as of the 2020 census, Hialeah is the sixth-largest city in Florida. It is the second largest city by population in the Miami metropolitan area, which was home to an estimated 6,198,782 people at the 2018 census.

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